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Terms & Conditions for attending Local Programs

Last updated 16/11/2022


In case a translation to other languages changes the meaning of the terms & conditions, the following version stands.

In case a translation to other languages changes the meaning of the terms & conditions, the following version stands.
We define programs as local when the agenda/schedule is a day program excluding accommodation, meals and leisure activities organized by FRIIS – SPORTS MANAGEMENT. Some of our Local Programs are Weekend Training, Indoor Training, Winter Training, Team Training, Spring Training, NF Progression, NF International Trials,, Girl Camp, Goalkeeper Camp and Intensive Training.


1. Registration

When the customer in writing, through our electronic booking form, completes the order and accepts the terms, it establishes a binding contract between both parties. The person completing the booking form accepts responsibility for themselves and the person they sign up. It is the customer’s responsibility to familiarize themselves with and understand FRIIS – SPORTS MANAGEMENT’s terms & conditions.


2. Payment

The payment is made through our electronic booking form with card payment. The payment platform being used is NETS, and managed by NF Operational AS. NF Operational is not the seller or the organizer of the events. The order is approved when payment has been made.

The program price includes a service fee of 3,5%, and this fee is non-refundable.

Customers that show up at the event without a booking for the event will be denied participation, or they can book the event on camp site*, through our online booking form and show receipt to NF staff. FRIIS – SPORTS MANAGEMENT does not accept cash payments, all orders must go through the provided booking solution.

*As long as there is available space in the group.


3. Cancellation by Force Majeure

The event may be cancelled if it during the event or in immeadiate proximity of the event the last 14 days before, it is determined war, natural disasters, terrorism, infectious diseases or other events of the same caliber. And there are reasonable assumptions that it will still take place when the event starts.

If canceled for reasons mentioned above, the client has the right to be refunded (minus the service fee of 3,5 %).

The event cannot be canceled for the mentioned reasons above if it was or should have been known before booking. FRIIS – SPORTS MANAGEMENT follows the local Authorities recommendations.


4. Cancellation by participants

FRIIS – SPORTS MANAGEMENT’s costs that are not refundable to suppliers will not be reimbursed to the customer. If canceled for reasons other than force majeure, the following applies:

  • If a cancellation is sent in writing more than 7 days before the start date of an event, we will issue a voucher or move to another local event. A cancellation less than 7 days before the start date gives no refund or voucher.
  • If the player is injured or gets sick and notifies us before a training session starts, the player will have a free spot in a future local event. Medical certificate must be presented.

Refunds or vouchers will not be given if:

  • a participant is absent at the start of the event or is prevented from participating due to transport problems (plane, car, bus, train), the participant must pay for the event in full.
  • the participant do not show up for the event or did report their absence in writing prior to the event start. Cancellation must be done via our cancellation form.
  • the participant gets sick or injured during an event. We will not refund or give a voucher for the corresponding “missed time”. We encourage all participants to have insurance to cover such events.


5. Insurance

FRIIS – SPORTS MANAGEMENT organizes sporting events that involve a certain risk for the physical injuries, and all participants are strongly advised to have insurance that covers such cases. The customer is responsible for taking out necessary and recommended insurance. By accepting these terms & conditions, the customer is denied the right to sue FRIIS – SPORTS MANAGEMENT or any partners, subsidiaries, company’s employees related to incidents related to physical injuries.


6. Cancellation by FRIIS – SPORTS MANAGEMENT

FRIIS – SPORTS MANAGEMENT may cancel an event if:

  • There are too few participants when the registration deadline is reached to complete the event.
  • Conditions at the destination entail a risk to the customer’s lives and health

If a cancellation is necessary, FRIIS – SPORTS MANAGEMENT is required to inform the customer in writing as soon as they are familiar with the situation. The customer is entitled to a full refund of what has been paid to FRIIS – SPORTS MANAGEMENT (minus the service fee of 3,5%).

If FRIIS – SPORTS MANAGEMENT finds it necessary to cancel an event that has begun, the participant can claim for a refund corresponding to the days that were not completed.

FRIIS – SPORTS MANAGEMENT is not responsible for any costs to third parties (ex. transportation, accommodation). Therefore we strongly advise to have insurance that covers these potential cases.


7. Obligations for the parties

7.1 FRIIS – SPORTS MANAGEMENT’s obligations

  • Representatives from FRIIS – SPORTS MANAGEMENT must show up prepared at the agreed time
  • Representatives of FRIIS – SPORTS MANAGEMENT are responsible for running the event and providing the program purchased.

7.2 Participant’s obligations

  • The participants (including players and parents/family) are responsible for reading all information sent by FRIIS – SPORTS MANAGEMENT to the participant prior to the event.
  • Participants are responsible for familiarizing themselves with and following the «Guidelines and Rules », sent by FRIIS – SPORTS MANAGEMENT prior to the event. Parents are responsible to communicate the rules to the player.
  • Participants must accept decisions where the coach can change their positions, agenda or other sports related matters.


8. Refund disclaimer

Refund terms related to defects of the sports program:

  • Participants are not entitled to claim a refund for the player’s position, see section 7.2 related to positions.
  • Participants are not entitled to a refund for the quality of the coach and the sport program.


9. Use of images in marketing

By accepting the Terms & Conditions, the customer allows the use of photos and videos of the player in marketing activities for the NF Academy brand.

To provide the NF Products, we must process information about the participant and legal guardian. The data controller responsible for your information is Football Invest AS, Statsminister Michelsens veg 38, 5230 Paradis, Norway (org. number 926 148 788).

The data is shared with the NF Academy International LDA, Edificio OneWorld – Urbanização Belo Horizonte, lote 20, piso 2-D, 2655-241, Ericeira, Portugal, and FRIIS – SPORTS MANAGEMENT and will only be used related to NF Academy Products. This is in line with GDPR rules and regulations.


10. Possible complaint

If you wish to file a complaint, please use this form and we will review the request


11. Disclaimer

By accepting these Terms & Conditions the customer is denied the right to sue FRIIS – SPORTS MANAGEMENT or any partners, subsidiaries, company’s employees or other persons related to NF Academy.

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