Privacy Policy – NF Academy


The following privacy statement applies to the brand name NF Academy, with associated brands NF Academy International in Portugal.

Your personal information belongs to you, and taking care of the personal information you share with us is very important to the NF Academy. We want you to be confident that your information is safe with us and that you understand how we use your information to provide you with the best experience possible. The NF Academy handles all personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Act and the EU Privacy Regulation (GDPR).

When you book a camp through us, we must make certain decisions about how and why your personal information is processed to complete the booking. We are therefore responsible for protecting your personal information throughout the travel booking process.


Treatment Responsible

The CEO, on behalf of the NF Academy, is responsible for the treatment of the company’s processing of personal data.


Personal Information Stored

We store the following personal information about our customers, depending on the needs of the individual journey:

Date of birth
Height / weight
Contact details for guardian (name, phone and email)


Objective of the Treament

We process this information to be able to fulfill our obligations by agreement with our customers.

We also use the information to provide you with information, offers, and services in connection with your purchase via e-mail, phone, SMS and mail.


The Basis of the Treatment

Personal information is used to fulfill the purchase agreement. The basis for this treatment is Article Art 6 (b) of the Privacy Regulation.

As you have consented to, the information is also used to provide you with information, offers and services in connection with your purchase via e-mail, telephone and SMS. The basis for this treatment is the Privacy Policy Art. 6 (a). You can at any time refuse to receive such information from us.


Collection of Personal Information

We store the personal information you have provided on our website and to our employees in connection with your purchase.

We use cookies / cookies on our website to provide you with the best customer experience and service. The Electronic Communications Act requires that we inform our visitors about the use of cookies. Read more about using cookies here


Supply of Information to Third Parties

In order to fulfill our obligations under the agreement, necessary information is provided to our partners, eg accommodations.


Mailchimp Privacy Policy

We use Mailchimp as our marketing platform. When subscribing to our email lists, you acknowledge that your information will be transferred to Mailchimp for processing. Learn more about Mailchimp’s privacy practices here.


During the Event

You understand that the Event may be photographed, videotaped, or otherwise recorded, and I agree that the Event shall be the exclusive owners of the results of such photographing, videotaping and/or recording with the right, throughout the world, in perpetuity, to register for copyright, to use and to assign and/or license others to use all or any portion of the results thereof (or a reproduction thereof), in all media and in any manner now known or hereafter developed, in connection with the Event or otherwise, without any additional consideration to me or to any third party. I further agree that the Event may use my name, voice and likeness (in any form and without regard to distortions of character, form or color, or any other alteration) in photographs, videotapes, audiotapes, and all other media now known or hereafter developed, throughout the world, for an unlimited number of times, in perpetuity, in connection with the Event or otherwise, without any additional consideration to me or to any third party.


Deletion of Personal Information

Information we have received in connection with your purchase is stored in our active customer register for 3 to 5 years.

Information we are obligatted to preserve, after the Accounting Act, will be stored for up to 5 years, in accordance with the requirements of the Act.


Rights for the Registered

We process your personal information in accordance with the Personal Data Act and applicable regulations.

It is pointed out that you can demand access to and transfer of your personal data, as well as demanding rectification or deletion of information.

It can be appealed to the Data Inspectorate for processing in violation of the rules.


Privacy Agents

The General Manager acts as a Data Protection Officer and ensures that the Personal Data Act’s rules on the processing of personal data are followed.


Security of Information

We secure your personal information through both physical and virtual access and access control, as well as by encrypting sensitive parts of information provided.


Contact Information

Inquiries about which information is registered, rectification, and deletion can be sent in writing to the following address:

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