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NF Elite Training Camp in Lisbon with Sporting

Opslået på: 04/02/2019


Rolf Hansen 29.10.2018

NF Academy has, during this year’s three autumn holiday weeks, completed its second NF Elite camp for Scandinavian young players. In October, they have been working with Sporting Lisboa for the first time, which has one of Europe’s leading player development environments.

NF Academy will continue its partnership with Sporting Lisbon, inviting all motivated players to the Portuguese capital in the winter of 2019 at NF Elite Training Camp Lisbon.

The Portuguese top club has created and shaped players such as Christiano Ronaldo and Luis Figo. In addition, Sporting has for several years produced players for their own A team in the domestic elite series, which has been sold on to the five major leagues in Europe. Sporting Lisboa has, like other Portuguese top clubs, done good player development over time to create value their for own club and academy.

This training environment now gets the Nordic players in the NF Academy system to enjoy over two days inside the facility of Sporting Lisboa.

In the autumn holiday, the 39 NF Academy players conducted two sessions led by highly qualified and well-trained Sporting coaches from the club’s academy. This autumn, Nordic players in 2004-2007 have trained a week during summer conditions in Lisbon. The training at the Sporting Academy was followed by a training match against the club’s respective peers academy team. In addition, the players got a tour of the fantastic Estadio Jose Alvalade and Sporting’s own club museum. This was a guided tour, where players and parents heard Sporting’s proud history ever since the young founder of the same name as the stadium founded the club in 1906. Sporting is probably best known for football, and many got an aha experience hearing that Portuguese giant actually had 55 sports to offer its members.

This year’s Elite camp was fully packed after the registration of motivated players who sought new challenges and more development in a new and exciting environment. Two sessions daily and great living conditions gave a week with the pro experience for the Nordic players. It was the NF Academy’s own coaching team that led the sessions outside Sporting’s academy.

In the long term, NF Academy wants to send its best players to training stays in Sporting, but perhaps most important of all is to expose both coaches and players to one of Europe’s leading training environments.

In the winter holidays (Week 8 and 9) in 2019, the NF Academy repeats the success of inviting all motivated Nordic players born 2003-2006 to apply for admission to NF Elite Camp in Lisbon. The program is the same as this fall in collaboration with Sporting Lisbon.

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