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The NF Academy wants to be a partner for leading broadband communities such as wants to strengthen their sporting offerings for the biggest talents in the club, so that they are eager to do so both top and width in the best possible way. NF Academy can be a resource for current coaches, parents and players in the following five areas:

NFAcademy Training

Our cooperation model width clubs

NF Academy wishes to be a partner for leading broadband clubs who want to strengthen their sporting offerings for the biggest talent in the club, so as to bestow both the best and the best. NF Academy can be a resource for current coaches, parents and players in the following five areas:


Important combat and training references abroad – both sporting and human.

Provide access to unique combat and training experiences through training camps and tournament participation abroad. Through our actions, players will get to know the level of the best players in Scandinavia and Europe that will help them take full advantage when they bring these experiences back to their own club day. Here, players from all over Scandinavia meet to be known across borders, languages ​​and cultures. One should find his place in the group both on and off the pitch, and perform together on the pitch in a short space of time. The human side of the development the players go through is a very important part of NF Academy’s development course.


Consultation for coaches, players and parents

Good players in smaller clubs quickly become attractive to the biggest clubs in the areas, and in some cases, a transition to the best for the player. However, too often, such transitional breeds are in the wrong way, under incorrect circumstances and at the wrong time. NF Academy has experience from such situations, and may, as the club wishes, contribute as a consulting partner for players, coaches and parents.


Training stays at Scandinavian top clubs

NF Academy can facilitate training stays at Scandinavian and foreign clubs, without the risk that such training will lead to a change in the club’s wish. Such experiences will help optimize your fitness life at your own club. From the 2015 tournament team, three players from Scandinavian broadcasting clubs have been given the opportunity to conduct training stays at AGF Aarhus in Denmark. This through neat processes with players, parents and players’ clubs.


Detailed feedback and follow-up following actions

All clubs that have players on NF Academy’s actions will receive detailed evaluation reports and feedback on players’ strengths and weaknesses, based on what is required to succeed at a high international level. If desired, NF Academy can also provide concrete suggestions for exercises / training programs that help players take the necessary steps as quickly as possible.


Showcase for European top clubs

Players who are particularly excited about NF Academy initiatives will experience experience from scouts / coaches at European top clubs’ academies. In such situations, NF Academy will work closely with player, parent and club to find the best possible solution for the player. NF Academy can provide experience from this type of situation.

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