I want to be the best in the world

I want to be the best in the world

Opslået på: 10/06/2019
Kristian Arnstad

From Cascais to the elite series

Kristian Arnstad (15) entered NF Academy’s NF Elite Selection program three years ago. This year, the national team captain debuted for Stabæk’s A-team.

The highly adaptable midfielder is one of the greatest talents without a professional contract in Stabæk. Arnstad is the captain of the Norwegian U16 national team, and got his A-team debut for Stabæk the last 10 minutes of the cup match against Elverum in April. This was three years after Arnstad played IberCup Cascais as part of his first Elite selection program in NF Academy.

“I played with good players and trained under very competent coaches. First and foremost, it was a very fun experience and I got good references on where the best teams in Europe stand in terms of skill. Such programs are valuable because later on the transition to higher levels in new training groups is easier. For example, circuits, national teams or larger clubs”, says Kristian Arnstad.

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“I want to be the best in the world”

Arnstad switched with another giant talent in Herman Geelmuyden, who has a professional contract in Stabæk. Arnstad trains with the A-team on average once a week. The strong and technical midfielder looks forward to the next meeting with the U16 national team in Porsgrunn in June. He turns 16 years old in September and has set clear goals as a football player.

“The goal is first a professional contract and then play in one of the top 5 leagues in Europe. Finally, I want to be the world’s best player. That’s what I work for, and train every day”, says Arnstad.

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International match against Brazil
Kristian Arnstad vs PSG for NF Selection U13 in Ibercup
Captain of the U16 national team

He played football in Heming before going to Stabæk the year before he was picked out for NF Academy’s Selection program in the IberCup Cascais. Arnstad already showed up as a complete midfielder for the age, where both offensive and defensive skills were of a high level. According to several sources, he is followed by Manchester United. The road to the debut for Stabæk’s A-team has been a journey from the broad club Heming to one of the best academies in Scandinavia. On the way, Kristian Arnstad also got to know the international level, which he later met at the national team level for Norway.

«Stabæk’s academy has very good facilities and is one of the best in Scandinavia. In relation to being picked out for a circuit or national initiative, it has clearly been valuable to have had the experience from NF Academy”, concludes U16 captain Kristian Arnstad.

NF Academy is seeking players

2020 is a year full of international opportunities in NF Academy, starting with Riga Cup in January/February and continuing with three tournaments during Easter: Future Cup, Ibercup Cascais and MICFootball.

Send us a short message with information about the player’s background and the program you are interested in. We will follow you up with more information and if desired, we set up a quick phone call with one of our coaches to provide guidance.

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