Become an international player with NF Academy in 2020 - NF Academy

Become an international player with NF Academy in 2020

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Become an international player with NF Academy in 2020


The 2020 season will be the most complete since the start of NF Academy – packed with programs and initiatives with focus on your development as a player.


There are still some exciting months left of this year, where motivated boys and girls born 2003-2009 have the opportunity to travel to NF Elite Training Camp in Lisbon in October. Meanwhile the upcoming football season’s international program until the summer 2020 at NF Academy is ready.

There are many opportunities for skilled players to develop themselves and show their talent to international references in Europe.

Starting in January

Many foreign coaches who come to Norway for the first time are surprised by how long it takes from the start of the pre-season to the start of the season. Outside of Europe, there is rarely more time than 6-8 weeks of pre-season.

It all starts with NF Selection Riga Cup from January 16 to February 16.

This is one of the major international tournaments NF Academy sends their teams to. A competitive tournament indoors in the Latvian capital, where some of Europe’s leading clubs show their academy teams to the world. In 2020, NF Academy West (Bergen) and NF International (Oslo) will each send their own teams in the 2003-2007 age classes to the tournament.

Here are several ways to secure your spot in the team traveling to Riga.

The first goes through the NF Team Training program. During the fall of 2019 and winter 2020 you will train in the same group and under the same Portuguese coach either in Oslo or in Bergen. During these training sessions you can be invited to one of the teams traveling to Riga.

The other way to get in the team is simply to be part of the NF Academy system. By participating in local, regional or international programs, players will be categorised according to where they are in their development, and then be offered participation in tournaments and training programs.

Join the NF Elite Selection team in one of the tournaments in Easter
Join the NF Elite Selection team in one of the tournaments in Easter
Test your skills against the best European teams
Test your skills against the best European teams
Become a part of a united and skilled group of players
Become a part of a united and skilled group of players

Elite Training Camp during the winter break

In weeks 8 and 9 there will be a new NF Elite Training Camp in Lisbon. The training camp includes 5 days of training sessions and matches under optimal conditions, where players get a taste of everyday life as a professional football player. The best players train when the others are resting – this is how to create a good player development. That’s why NF Academy’s programs run through 10 of this year’s 12 calendar months.

NT Elite Training Camp is therefore an optimal opportunity to train while it is winter in Norway. It is a one week of high intensity development under the guidance of coaches from the world-renowned academies of Sporting and Benfica.

Tournaments during Easter

The NF Elite Selection programs will be rolled out in April. At that time, Portugal is perhaps at its most beautiful. It all starts with NF Elite Selection Ibercup Cascais on the 3 -10 April. Located just outside of Lisbon, this is a high-level team tournament. NF Academy will participate with teams in the age classes of 2004 to 2007.

NF Academy Elite Selection is participating for the first time in the MICFootball tournament in Costa Brava, just north of Barcelona, ​​in the period of 5-12 April. This is an elite tournament where the best European clubs send their academy teams. For this tournament, NF Academy sends two teams of their best players: one team in the 2004 class and one in the 2006 class.

Future Cup is also a NF Selection program. This open tournament in Gothenburg runs in the period 9-13 April. Future cup is a tournament that is optimal for the youngest players to have a cautious approach to the international level. That is why NF Academy will participate with two teams in the 2008 and two in the 2009 classes. In addition, NF Academy will also send its 2003 team.

I want to play with NF Academy

Send us a short request with the player’s background and the type of activities you want to participate in. We follow up with advice on which local and international programs can suit you.

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