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A very exciting start to the season is approaching

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Rolf Hansen 4.04.2019

NF Academy is in the season run for several exciting programs for the 2019 season.

Throughout the NF Elite Training Camp program in week 8 and week 9, NF Academy has gradually started improved their trainings towards this year’s many international programs.

This NF Elite Training Camp on the winter holiday is, in a way, a kick off for a very exciting season full of tournaments with NF Academy. We will have tournaments in Barcelona, an invitation tournament in Danish Esbjerg, and soon in the Easter we will have IberCup here in Cascais. It has become one of the major tournaments for younger teams in Europe. It is a great tournament where players will meet good teams from several world continents, but also have it socially and culturally together in a nice environment, says NF Academy sports director Goncalo Nunes.

Competitions in Easter

Iber Cup Cascais brings together teams and players from several world continents. In addition to the top clubs in Portugal sending their best academy teams, top clubs from Spain, Italy, Germany and other European countries do the same.

Iber Cup Cascais is a tournament that brings together teams from Brazil, USA, Australia, Scandinavia as well as both Eastern and Western Europe. Here, South America and Africa are represented. In this aspect, this is a great experience for the boys to take along in life. From our point of view, this prime arena for player development is our ambition and  number one goal, continues sports director at NF Academy, Goncalo Nunes.

NF Academy asserted itself in several of the year classes during last year’s Ibercup Cascais. The 2006 and 2007 teams played right up to the quarterfinals of the A-finals, where they lost against solid international opposition. The 2005 team lost the final in the B-finals.

This year’s tournament is from 12 – 19 April. Then spring arrives in Cascais, just outside Lisbon. The tournament matches start on April 15, but before that the players will have quality training as preparation.

Based on many Nordic players’ participation in international and national programs, NF Academy has built up a solid database of players. It has made a difficult contest to get a place in one of the teams playing in the tournament.

For all players, I would like to emphasize that there will be more opportunities through our programs later this year. It is important for those who are motivated and training-minded to get into a good training environment as a supplement to their usual club environment at home, Nunes continues.

Gothenburg and Barcelona

NF Academy will also participate in Future Cup in Gothenburg with its 2007 and 2008 teams from 18 to 22 of April. This tournament is a great first time experience for players in an international competition.

At the end of summer, they will also join what was formerly known as Ibercup Esbjerg.  Now the tournament is called Nordic invitational Cup and is played in the month of July/August.

This is played on the same date and on the same pitches as the previous Ibercup in Esbjerg. To this tournament come top teams from Scandinavia, as well as invited teams from Europe. So far both Hansa Rostock and Blackburn have been confirmed. This is a good opportunity to meet opposition and get references from a top European level, concludes sports director at NF Academy, Gonçalo Nunes.

NF Academy is now looking to add international players to its teams that want to attend two international tournaments in Spain: Barcelona Summer Cup and Ibercup Barcelona. These two tournaments take place in June/July and players from 2002 to 2008 can apply.

Programs in Norway

In addition to the international programs, the NF Academy will have throughout 2019 many training camps in different places in Norway. These are open for everyone to participate – good for players to get more solid training sessions in addition to the activity that takes place outside the clubs. All programs under NF Academy brand have coaches with backgrounds from, among others, the world-renowned academies of Benfica and Sporting Lisboa.

The most recent addition is NF International – The Road to Sporting, of which you can read about here.

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